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Does Your Dog Have Separation Anxiety? 4 Tips On Boarding

Dogs can get anxiety for various reasons. Owning a dog with separation anxiety can make it difficult to go on vacation or day trips because you worry about what they are doing at home. Boarding your dog will keep them from causing damage inside your house. Following several tips before dropping them off will help you maximize the chance of a positive experience. Familiar Items Being away from your dog can make them feel anxious. Read More 

3 Tips For Choosing A Small Animal Vet For Your Rats

Finding the right veterinarian clinic to bring your rats to can help get them the best care possible and avoid issues that arise with mediocre pet care. With a lot of vet clinics limiting the kind of animals that they treat, it makes sense to see what you can expect from some of the clinics available and whether they'll be able to provide the kind of care that your rats will need. Read More 

Reptiles For Sale: How To Decide Which One To Bring Home As A Pet

Are you thinking about purchasing a reptile for sale? You might want to become a reptile owner, bringing this pet into your home and introducing it to your loved ones while taking good care of it. Before you get a reptile as a new pet, learn more about the animal to ensure it is a good fit for your family. Find Out How Much Space You Have For a Tank Read More 

5 Ways To Get The Most Out Of A Veterinary Internship Program

Starting out as a vet intern helps you build your credentials and experience to add to a resume eventually. Here are a few things to remember so you get the most out of your internship when you are just starting out.  1. Be open to learning something new every time you get an opportunity.  No one enters an internship knowing everything even if you have spent years in school. Your entire reason for entering an internship program is to learn, so be open to doing so when you get the chance. Read More 

4 Healthy Ingredients To Look For In Dog Treats

When you give your dog a treat, do you want to give them the equivalent of candy — or do you want to give them something that can benefit their health? Most dog owners would agree that the latter approach is the better one. So here are four ingredients to look for in dog treats that are not only tasty but also beneficial. Green Algae Green algae, which may also be listed on the label as spirulina, is a common ingredient in a lot of natural and holistic dog treats. Read More