3 Reasons Why A Ball Python Makes A Great First Pet For A Child

Buying a pet for your child and having them care for it on their own can help teach them responsibility. While snakes are certainly an uncommon choice for a first pet, they can be one of the best if you pick a species that's easy to care for. When selecting a species, it's important to pick one that's safe for kids to handle and easy enough for them to take care of. Ball pythons fulfill both criteria, making them a perfect match for kids. Read on to learn three reasons why ball pythons are a great first pet for kids.

1. Ball Pythons Are Comfortable Being Handled

Ball pythons are a very docile species, which makes them great for kids. They very rarely bite, and they're comfortable with being handled and held. When they get agitated, they tend to curl up into a ball instead of biting. This is a useful warning signal that reduces the chance of ever being bitten. If they do bite, their bites aren't very painful because they have tiny teeth. Compared to other species, ball pythons are a good choice for kids because they're safe and easy to handle.

2. Ball Pythons Are Easy for Kids to Take Care Of

Ball pythons are also easy for kids to care for. Ball pythons will eat thawed feeder mice that have been previously frozen without any issue, which makes them easy to feed. Some species of snakes only eat live food, and feeding these species is trickier — they require close supervision during feeding time because live food can injure the snake. Ball pythons also don't defecate very often, so it's easy to keep the enclosure clean.

3. Ball Pythons Are Small, Even When Fully Grown

Another reason why ball pythons are a good choice for kids is that they don't grow very large. Other python species can grow so large that they're too heavy for a child (or even an adult) to lift, but ball pythons stay fairly small. Males are smaller than females, which usually makes them a better choice for kids. As an added bonus, they won't need a huge enclosure even when they're fully grown, so it's easy to find space for them in your home.

Overall, the main benefit of choosing a ball python for your child is that they're very docile and are comfortable with being held. Taking care of them is also easy, which makes them a good choice for a child's first pet. If you're buying a pet for your child, find a store with reptiles for sale and ask about ball pythons. They're a popular pet, even for experienced snake owners, so they're inexpensive and easy to find in reptile stores.