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What You Need To Know If Your Dog’s Nail That Has Grown Into The Paw Pad

If you fail to trim your dog's nails on a regular basis, one or more of the nails can actually grow into the paw pad on your dog's foot. This can cause minor discomfort or can cause so much pain your dog is limping, depending on the type of dog you own, their activity level, their pain tolerance, and how embedded the nail is. If you notice your dog in pain or happen to see the nail embedded in the paw pad when your dog is lying down, you may wonder what you need to do. Read More 

What To Do If Your Cat Has Ingrown Claws

Although cats typically take care of keeping their claws neat by scratching objects, not every kitty's claws are in good condition. In some instances, a cat's claws might become overgrown, increasing the risk of them developing ingrown claws. This painful condition can cause serious health problems, so it's important for pet owners to know how to determine if their cats have this condition and what to do about it. Read on to learn these important tips. Read More 

Watching Pets For Your Neighbors As A Means Of Extra Cash

If you enjoy spending time with cats and dogs, and you are looking for a way to make a few extra dollars, you may have thought about starting a pet sitting service within your neighborhood. This can be a fulfilling job prospect that can earn you extra money without having to deal with a lot of people to obtain it. Starting your own pet care service will require you to do a bit of research beforehand to ensure you get off to the good start. Read More 

Weimaraner: Hunting Dog By Day, House Dog By Night

If you are the proud parent of a Weimaraner pup, congratulations! Weimaraners are intelligent, have a huge personality, and are known to develop a strong bond with their humans. They were bred to hunt large animals such as bears and deer. Whether you adopted your Weimaraner to be a hunting dog, a house dog, or both, it is crucial for you to understand the genuine hunting instincts of the breed and tools you can use to hone in and/or control those instincts. Read More 

2 Tips For Keeping Your Cat Physically And Mentally Healthy When You Travel Frequently

If you would love to have a cat, yet travel frequently for work or other reasons, then you may think you have to wait until your schedule "settles down" before you adopt a new kitty. However, there are many cats and kittens at adoption facilities who would love to have an owner like you to shower them with love and affection on most days, even if you can't every single day of the year. Read More