Want A Small Dog For Your Child? 2 Great Puppies To Choose From

If you have a child that wants a dog a small dog is a good choice for them especially if your child is young. Purchasing the dog while it is a puppy is beneficial as you can raise it the way you want. There are many small dogs that you can choose from, including the Maltipoo and the pug. Below is information about both dogs to help you make a good choice.


The Maltipoo puppy is a cross between the poodle and Maltese and can be found in a variety of colors. They are loving, small dogs and affectionate with their family. Because of this the Maltipoo does not like being left alone so if you are out of the home a lot for work or other reasons this would not be a good choice. The dog would not only be unhappy but may exhibit bad behaviors, such as chewing and scratching. 

Your puppy will likely want to sit on your lap and will stay by your side. They also require a lot of attention and like to be in the middle of everything. They have long hair, but they do not shed a lot. You still need to brush their hair at least once a day to remove tangles. This can be fun for a child to do. 

These dogs are active and do need exercise. Because it is small having a good play inside or a walk outside will be sufficient. This puppy works great if you have an apartment and they do great with children and older adults. 

Take your dog to a trainer as they are smart and easy to train. Just make sure the trainer is experienced so your dog is trained in the right way. Going to a trainer also helps with their social skills as they will be around people and other animals. 


The pug is a small dog and is known to be perfect for families that have children if the children are not rough with their dogs. A pug is outgoing and friendly and will be a lot of fun for your family.  Like the Maltipoo, pugs need to stay in the home as they love being around their family. Purebred pugs are always a tan and black color. 

Pugs can get their exercise by a lot of play indoors but also love to go on walks and play outside with their family. One thing to consider is pugs have a pushed-in muzzle and they do not do well in high heat. Because of this during hot, summer months keep your pug inside where it is cool. The best time to take it for a walk is early morning or after the sun has gone down for the day.

Pugs have short hair, but they can shed a lot. You can help with this by brushing your pug once a day. This is because they have a double coat, meaning they have a coat on top and a coat underneath. 

Talk to a veterinarian if you have questions about either of these dogs and they can give you a lot of information to help you decide what would be best for your child.

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