You’re Going Back To The Office—How Do You Get Your Dog Ready For Doggie Daycare?

If you're like many of the American workers who worked remotely as your company navigated the rough and rocky waters of the worldwide pandemic, you may have been given a date when you'll be returning to the office. If you decided to open your home and heart to a canine companion at some point during the pandemic, your dog is used to you being home during the daytime, and now that that's about to change, you're probably wondering how to get your furry friend ready for daycare. 

Fortunately, dogs are highly social as well as adaptable, and doggie daycare should be a breeze with the right preparation. Here's what you need to do:

Visit the Doggie Daycare in Advance

It's a good idea to visit the doggie daycare in advance to meet the staff, tour the facilities, and get a sense of the environment. This can help your dog feel more comfortable and familiar with the place when they start attending.

Socialize Your Dog

If your dog is not used to being around other dogs or people, it's important to socialize them before sending them to doggie daycare. This can help them feel more comfortable and confident when interacting with others. Your local dog park is a good place to start, but introduce your dog to this environment a few minutes at a time, and keep a sharp eye out for any sign of emerging aggression on the part of your pet or someone else's.

Bring Along Familiar Items

To help your dog feel more comfortable and at home, consider bringing along some familiar items from home, such as a favorite toy or blanket.

Update Your Dog's Vaccinations

Most doggie daycares require that dogs be up-to-date on their vaccinations, so be sure to check with the doggie daycare and update your dog's vaccinations if necessary.

Pack a Bag

Pack a bag with everything your dog will need while at doggie daycare, including food, treats, toys, and any necessary medications.

Gradually Adjust to the Routine

If your dog is not used to being left alone during the day, it's important to gradually adjust them to the routine of going to doggie daycare. Start by leaving them alone for short periods of time and gradually increasing the duration as they become more comfortable.

Contact your local doggie daycare for more information on how to prepare your furry friend for this new experience.