Watching Pets For Your Neighbors As A Means Of Extra Cash

If you enjoy spending time with cats and dogs, and you are looking for a way to make a few extra dollars, you may have thought about starting a pet sitting service within your neighborhood. This can be a fulfilling job prospect that can earn you extra money without having to deal with a lot of people to obtain it. Starting your own pet care service will require you to do a bit of research beforehand to ensure you get off to the good start. Here are some tips to consider when starting this type of business on your own.

Find Out Who Else Provides Sitting Services

It is a good idea to find out if there is competition in your area before you start up your own service. If there are other sitters around, call them to inquire about their rates under the guise of being a concerned pet owner in need of services in the future. If there is a need for a sitting service in your area because there is no direct competition, you will need to look into outlying towns to determine the going rates for walking dogs, feeding pets while owners are away, and administering medication to animals. Finding out what others are charging will help in keeping your own business competitive with others who may start up services in the future.

Enlist Help From A Coaching Service

A pet sitter coach service can be a lifesaver when you are first getting started with your business. They will aid in teaching you how to set up a schedule for appointments as well as teach you the basics in pet sitting tactics. They will also show you how to expand your business and how to distribute workload between employees you have working under you. Using this type of service before and when you first start out will give you the confidence you need to provide your customers with the best care within the time slots they require you to watch over their pets.

Advertise To Get Word Out About Your Services

It is a good idea to offer something different from competitors when you first start off with your pet care service. Consider offering to bring dogs to a dog park for some playtime with other pooches or offering to bring pets to a vet or grooming service as part of one of your care packages. Give potential customers a price list to select amenities from so they can pick and choose what activities you do with their pet. Make flyers with your rates to place in local businesses. This should include places where people with pets frequent, such as a veterinarian's office or a local park bulletin board.

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