Weimaraner: Hunting Dog By Day, House Dog By Night

If you are the proud parent of a Weimaraner pup, congratulations! Weimaraners are intelligent, have a huge personality, and are known to develop a strong bond with their humans. They were bred to hunt large animals such as bears and deer. Whether you adopted your Weimaraner to be a hunting dog, a house dog, or both, it is crucial for you to understand the genuine hunting instincts of the breed and tools you can use to hone in and/or control those instincts. Read More 

Three Reasons Why Dogs Benefit From Eating Meat-Based Diets

The growth of vegetarianism and veganism in the United States is largely attributable to the belief these diets are healthier for adult humans. As a result of that trend, some pet owners and other animal welfare proponents are advocating for diets with less meat for dogs. Their argument is that dogs are omnivores and can survive and thrive on plant-based diets while meat is less desirable, even harmful to canines. Unfortunately, this mistaken belief about the diet of dogs can lead to negative health consequences. Read More 

5 Summer Health Concerns For Your Dog

When it comes to your dog's health, you want what is absolutely the best for them. There are numerous things to make yourself aware of when it comes to your dog's health. A proper diet, proper grooming and regular visits to the vet's office are all things that your dog should experience on a regular basis. Having said that, there are some health problems that can especially affect your dog during the hot summer months. Read More 

Seven Often Overlooked Questions To Ask When Boarding Your Pet Parrot Or Companion Bird

If you're a devoted bird owner, chances are you might need to make boarding arrangements at some time. Whether you board your pet at an avian care establishment or an exotic pet shop with boarding facility, there are several aspects you need to consider to keep your feathered friend safe and comfortable. Here are seven essential questions to ask your pet caretakers for more information: 1. Are owners required to provide health certificates when boarding their pets? Read More 

A Vet’s Advice About Dogs And Air Conditioning

During the cold months people hear about bringing their pets indoors and watching out for strays in wheel wells. More than 60% of American households include pets and that means the majority of Americans have the comfort of another species to consider when deciding on what temperature to keep their home. Here are some things  you should know about how air conditioning affects your pets.  Breed Matters If you've ever wondered why someone would knit a sweater for a dog you might be in for a shock. Read More