Does Your Dog Have Separation Anxiety? 4 Tips On Boarding

Dogs can get anxiety for various reasons. Owning a dog with separation anxiety can make it difficult to go on vacation or day trips because you worry about what they are doing at home.

Boarding your dog will keep them from causing damage inside your house. Following several tips before dropping them off will help you maximize the chance of a positive experience.

Familiar Items

Being away from your dog can make them feel anxious. Still, you can bring familiar items to the dog boarding facility to help them cope. Blankets, beds, pillows, toys, and even clothes with your scent on them will provide comfort during your dog's stay.

Set up a security camera inside your home to see what your dog does while you are away. They may favor a particular bed, blanket, or toy because it makes them feel better during your absence. Bring this item with you when boarding your dog.


Maintaining a consistent routine is something you may do to help your dog cope with separation anxiety. For instance, you may come home during lunch to feed your dog. So, you should replicate your typical schedule with playtime, exercise, and feeding. Prioritizing a facility that can do these things at any time will help you provide your dog with a comfortable stay.


While you should not expect a boarding facility and its employees to replace your presence, you can use their extra services while you are away. A play session during the day may improve your dog's experience. Picking a place with a 24/7 live webcam can also help you check in on your pet and see how it is doing throughout the day.

If you need to use boarding service regularly, you can try out different services to see how your dog reacts to them. The employees can give you a summary when you pick them up. You can also analyze their body language and actions on the webcam after each service.

Some facilities may offer shorter, trial-run services. You can take your dog there for a day and see how it does during a shorter amount of time before having to board for a longer period.


Dogs can take anxiety medication to feel better and reduce symptoms. Some common separation anxiety medications include amitriptyline, clomipramine, and fluoxetine. Getting your dog on medication before boarding can lead to a better overall experience.

Using these tips to board your dog with separation anxiety will help you keep their stress and anxiety to a minimum.